Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Instantly Scalable Infrastructure To Meet Business Needs

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one of the fastest growing areas of IT, with many businesses facing pressure of doing more with less.

At All Lines Technology, we offer clients the option to take out their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Rather than purchasing servers, software, network equipment, or datacenter space, our clients can buy these services as a fully outsourced service on demand.

  • 99.95% Guaranteed uptime
  • No capital investment
  • Instant infrastructure scalability
  • Pay as you grow model
  • Backed by our 24x7x365 help desk
  • Hosted in a Tier 3 SOC2 facility in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Eliminate costly overhead
  • Hybrid flash storage

Some of the benefits of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) include:

Enterprise-Level Infrastructure

Infrastructure as a Service utilizes an internal business network in the form of private cloud and virtual local networks, creating a pooled server for storing client’s data and running applications. This structure allows for business growth while still providing the necessary data protection that clients require to run their IT infrastructure in the cloud.


Typically, when clients experience growth, they need to purchase new equipment, install, and implement it. Infrastructure as a Service takes away the need for this, allowing for immediately available resources to support client growth.

No On-Going Hardware Investment

Much of our clients’ on-going expenditure is the cost of hardware associated with having a comprehensive IT solution. By investing in a cloud-based solution, clients remove the risk of hardware failure, and the need for on-going maintenance costs.

Cloud Hosting

Clients can host their websites and virtual servers through a pooled collection of physical servers, removing the need to store hardware at their business’s premises. This provides scalability, cost savings, and security benefits.