Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to work cohesively with your employees.

All Lines Technology can help your company with the design, development, and installation of your customized SharePoint solutions. We can take over hosting and administration, as well as provide staff training to optimize internal use of the SharePoint software. From planning to maintenance, All Lines Technology can help your team work to its fullest potential through custom SharePoint solutions.

SharePoint can increase your productivity, improve your team’s communication, and make file sharing as simple as clicking “Save.”sharepoint

We know that deciding how much you need and how much you are going to use can be hard. We tried to put together plans that help with the confusion and make it easy to commit and to migrate what you already have.


Enterprise Intranet

We specialize in producing exceptional intranet solutions that have elegant and modern experience and innovative functionality. Our intranets will engage employees, improve processes, and drive collaboration within teams. All Lines Technology will help you leverage the best of collaboration tools such as SharePoint, Office 365, Yammer, Office Graph to make your intranet a dynamic, personalized, and social platform, without affecting your employees’ day-to-day work style.

 Our packages are tailored to meet your Intranet requirements your way. Download plans and pricing here.

SharePoint Migration

 It is just a matter of time until a decision is made to migrate from an older version of SharePoint or even from a different enterprise content management to the latest version of SharePoint. Microsoft is pushing for “Mobile First, Cloud First” strategy and is driving SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online. This enables organizations to take full advantage of cloud and your employees get more hassle-free SharePoint.

Most organizations lack the experience and expertise to address the strategy and implementation of SharePoint migration. All Lines Technology offers comprehensive range of SharePoint migration services. Our SharePoint Migration Experts can ensure a smooth and successful SharePoint Migration.

Download Pricing and Plans here.

Business Process Automation

All Lines Technology partners with Nintex to enable organizations to extend business process automation to more people, places and devices, delivering workflow for everyone. Nintex workflow adds a drag-and-drop worklfow designer, advanced connectivity, and rich workflow features to give you more power and flexibility.

Download Pricing and Plans here.