Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to work cohesively with your employees.


All Lines Technology can help your company with the design, development, and installation of your customized SharePoint solutions. We can take over hosting and administration, as well as provide staff training to optimize internal use of the SharePoint software. From planning to maintenance, All Lines Technology can help your team work to its fullest potential through custom SharePoint solutions.

SharePoint can increase your productivity, improve your team’s communication, and make file sharing as simple as clicking “Save.”


Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of when your company implements MS SharePoint:

Share with Team Members Virtually

Connect with employees across the enterprise. Use SharePoint to engage with people, share ideas, and reinvent the way you work together. SharePoint is a single place to store all of your documents and collaborate with colleagues in real time.

Organize Projects & Resources

Whether working as a team or an individual, SharePoint helps you organize information, people and projects. Sites, calendars, task management, and taxonomy all lead to a more organized, efficient workflow.

Discover Expert IT Solutions

SharePoint makes it easy to find answers, discover insights, and connect with experts. SharePoint Search enables users to find information and experts in a familiar search experience that personalizes results based on intent and past behavior. Insights can be discovered through PowerPivot and visualized with PowerView.

Build SharePoint Websites & Apps

Developers and web designers can create new interfaces on SharePoint using familiar tools and internet standards. Apps can be built and added to a SharePoint site, or downloaded directly from the SharePoint App Store.

Manage Projects and IT

SharePoint provides powerful controls that allow IT departments to manage cost, risk, and their time. SharePoint 2013 upgrade paths have been simplified, performance has been optimized, and the new capabilities provide a single place to perform eDiscovery across sites, email, and IM.