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Navigating The New Normal: AI

AI? What is it? By now you’ve probably heard of something called AI or artificial intelligence. Whether it was in the news, from someone at work or something you saw on social media, AI has taken the world by storm, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. AI is the theory and development of computer systems being able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. For years people have had the assumption that computers could never be more powerful than the human brain but from recent developments, it might be closer to reality than we think. With new AI software such as Chat GPT and Open AI some of the things these AI software’s can do will blow your mind! However, as good AI may seem, many questions have been raised on whether or not this type of high powered technology is good for humanity. Is it possible that AI could do the job of a human and do it better? I guess time will tell. We’ve all seen the movie Terminator, you know, the bodybuilder with an Austrian accent that was involved with AI, it seems like every time AI keep advancing that movie actually starts to become more of a reality. It remains to be seen what AI has in store for us and whether it is good or bad, I think we can agree on one thing, AI is here to say for the long run.

The Benefits of AI Use

AI will quickly continue to transform the way work is done for years to come. Many businesses are starting to employ AI in a variety of different ways to improve a number of different things. With quick advancements, AI is starting to become a resource businesses can’t live without. As AI continues to become part of our everyday lives here are 8 benefits AI brings to the table:

  1. Better Decisions
  2. Efficiency and Productivity Gains
  3. New capabilities and Business Model Expansion
  4. Personalized Customer Service and Experiences
  5. Better Quality and Reduction of Human Error
  6. Better Talent Management
  7. Increased Profitability
  8. Industry Specific Improvements

The Risks of AI Use

The arrival of artificial intelligence has been anything but silent as headlines have been sparked with conversations and questions regarding the new advanced technology. As the growth of AI continues to make significant and sophisticated strides, some worry about the potential risk it potentially has in store for us humans and what it means for the future. From potentially being able to become smarter than a human to possibly taking the jobs of millions, AI is proving to be a double edged sword that must be proceeded with caution. Here are 8 risks that come with AI:

  1. Lack of Transparency
  2. Bias and Discrimination
  3. Privacy Concerns
  4. Ethical Dilemmas
  5. Security Risks
  6. Dependance on AI
  7. Job Displacement
  8. Misinformation

AI: The Future of Technology

As AI continues to rapidly change daily, everyone is ready to take on the uncertainly AI brings to the surface. Over the last few years AI has seen exponential growth with some thinking we would never even get to this point in our lifetime. The Advanced technology has shown numerous benefits that no longer have a great unknown. Instead, many have seen firsthand the ability AI has and the improvement it can bring to your business solving some of the most challenging obstacles in a quick and efficient way. The continued growth of AI has also come with potential risk that seem irreversible once in place with many questions on whether AI should be put to a stop. Although we are just scratching the surface of what AI can bring to the table, we undoubtedly can agree that, with great power AI has it comes a great deal of responsibility.