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Our team evaluates the maturity of current information cybersecurity capabilities, using well-known industry standards and your specific risks, identifies vulnerable areas, and provides recommendations.

MFA Cybersecurity

CISO Advisory

Our CISO Advisory services give you everything you need to manage your security risk. A CISO is a trained and experienced executive who guides your organization to the right cybersecurity and program strategies. Each organization has different security needs, business strategies, and risk tolerances, even organizations in the same industry.

  • Business Risk-Focused
  • Collaborative Security Leadership
  • Expert Advisory
  • Cost Effective
  • Business Strategy Alignment
  • Industry-Experienced
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Flexible Investment
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Program Assessments

We can help you understand how secure your environment really is. The need for organizations to protect their information has grown exponentially due to recent technological advances. With the increase in cyber threats and their resulting casualties, there is a demand for tangible reassurance about the security of data from all involved parties.

  • Defining your current “as is’” information security posture
  • Assessing the maturity level of your current information security controls
  • Reviewing the compliance requirements of your organization
  • Understanding your cyber threats and risks
  • Presenting recommendations to improve the maturity level of your organization’s Cybersecurity
  • Our team evaluates the maturity or risk of current information security capabilities, identifies vulnerable areas, and provides recommendations on prioritizing areas for remediation.
  • Deliver prioritized multi-year roadmap

Incident Response

On-demand help for cybersecurity emergencies. You shouldn’t have to worry about a cyber breach distracting you from what matters most, your business.  Although employing preventative security is what we recommend through our other cybersecurity services, All Lines Technology has cybersecurity incident responders available to help you quickly contain, remediate, and recover from a cyber attack. Our incident response team has consultants and engineers with decades of cybersecurity and information technology expertise to address any cybersecurity problem you encounter.  Our proven, industry leading methodology can guide you through the entire cybersecurity incident response process so you can quickly and effectively get back to normal.

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Vulnerability Management

Attackers are constantly looking for software vulnerabilities to exploit.  They can create an exploit for a vulnerability within weeks and know many organizations are vulnerable for years after.  Creating a Vulnerability Management program is necessary for preventing costly cybersecurity breaches and incidents, as well as meeting regulatory compliance for programs like HIPAA and PCI DSS. Our team will keep you up-to-date on cybersecurity trends and best practices.  Partnering with All Lines Technology will yield you an effective vulnerability management program to reduce your risk.

The key benefits to our program service include:

  • A comprehensive asset inventory
  • Regular vulnerability scanning for internal and external networks
  • Risk-prioritized reporting with a near-zero false positive rate
  • Optimized integration with your remediation processes
  • Regular measurements for continuous improvement
  • Optional service available to also manage your remediation processes
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Managed Security Awareness Training and Testing

Customized and effective security awareness training. Phishing or social engineering attacks are some of the top threats we face today and increase year-over-year. They continue to cause a significant number of data breaches and losses for their victims, including ransomware outbreaks.  Your current IT and Security teams are either strained or they simply lack the time to design, implement, or operate an effective program. Employing the All Lines Technology Cybersecurity Division to design, implement, and operate your security awareness training program will not only improve your company’s security culture, but it will also reduce your risk to one of the top cybersecurity threats we face today.  Customizing your program to the right fit for your size and culture is the key.

Not every company can afford a full, enterprise security team.  With the All Lines Technology Security Awareness Program, every employee becomes a Human Firewall and a member of your corporate security team by stopping security incidents and breaches before they happen.


Co-Managed SIEM

No prevention method is 100%.  Attackers always find ways to get around your defenses, including insiders, whether malicious or just making mistakes.  Our Managed Detection & Response service provides 24×7 monitoring of your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments to help you detect, respond, and recover from modern cyber attacks​.  

  • 24×7 Threat Detection – Monitoring and threat hunting on customer networks, endpoints, cloud environments
  • 24×7 Threat Analysis – Analyze potential threat and risks
  • 24×7 Threat response – Contain the threat before it causes more damage 
  • Attackers are finding ways around PROTECT defenses, including insider threats 
  • Unlocks SIEM and 24×7 SOC features without the hefty price tag 

Managed Detection and Response

You shouldn’t have to worry about a cyber breach distracting you from what matters most, your business. Although employing preventative security is what we recommend through our other cybersecurity services, All Lines Technology has cybersecurity incident responders available to help you quickly contain, remediate, and recover from a cyber attack. Our incident response team has consultants and engineers with years of cybersecurity and information technology expertise to address any security problem you encounter. Our proven, industry leading methodology can guide you through the entire cybersecurity incident response process so you can quickly and effectively get back to normal.


Penetration Testing

This is a crucial security practice in which ethical hackers simulate planned attacks against a company’s computer systems. The primary goal is to identify and exploit vulnerabilities within the system.  All Lines penetration testing services play a crucial role in assessing the security of the customer’s systems. They actively simulate attacks, identify vulnerabilities, and provide actionable recommendations for remediation. Communication with the customer is essential throughout the process, ensuring transparency and collaboration. Penetration testing helps organizations proactively identify vulnerabilities, strengthen security, and prevent potential data breaches that could be financially devastating.


CCMC Compliance

A CMMC Registered Provider Organization (RPO) plays a crucial role in helping customers, specifically government contractors and other Organizations Seeking Certification (OSC), prepare for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) assessment. RPOs provide consulting services to help OSCs understand the CMMC requirements and prepare for the assessment. This includes identifying gaps in their current cybersecurity practices and providing mitigation strategies.

All Lines can assess and help you choose the right path for your business!