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Modern Datacenter

Our experts are here to meet you at any point in your cloud journey and guide you toward greater success through a transformed infrastructure and optimized cloud environment.

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Edge to Cloud

Gain the agility and financial flexibility your business needs to move faster. With roughly 70% of apps and data still residing on-premises, an edge to loud platform delivers the cloud experience across your edges, colocations, and datacenters. It can accelerate your business outcomes with the widest portfolio of on-premises cloud services and fast delivery.

See how you can accelerate your business transformation with self-service agility for all your apps via enterprise block storage delivered as a service.

HPE Greenlake for Block Storage

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Consumption IT

Faced with this challenge, many businesses are transitioning away from traditional IT models and toward a consumption-based approach that allows them to simplify IT operations, paying only for IT services and resources when they’re needed and cutting or even eliminating expensive, time-consuming capital investments in equipment. All Lines can help find the best solution that fits your business.

Take a look at the just released HPE Alletra

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Hybrid Cloud Management

Cloud is fundamentally changing how we use IT. It’s an enabler to grow faster while keeping operating costs to a minimum. Over half of US businesses are moving workloads to Cloud-based applications. You too can instantly access secure, reliable, advanced technology using All Lines Technology’s Cloud services. All Lines has in-depth experience in Public Cloud, as well as a heritage of managing complex legacy applications that are not ready for the migration to cloud-based services. Straddling your workloads between legacy and cloud-based services is known as Hybrid, and we are perfectly positioned to help you on your path to digital transformation.


Software Defined Datacenter

As workloads continue to expand and evolve, IT needs to find a way to enable business agility in a more efficient and secure manner. IT is embracing the capability of the software-defined data center over building out more traditional infrastructure that needs constant management and support. In the software-defined data center, all infrastructure has been virtualized, and infrastructure management is entirely controlled within software. This separation of management and physical infrastructure allows the data center to become exponentially nimbler than the traditional approach. All Lines Technology aids organizations in the move toward fully automated data centers through SDDC strategy and design, implementation, and management solutions so IT organizations can shift resources from day-to-day operations to driving digital transformation for the business.

All Lines can assess and help you choose the right path for your business!