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Power Apps – What’s new and planned for 2022 

Microsoft Power Apps is the industry-leading low-code application development platform that underpins Dynamics 365 extensibility, Microsoft 365 customization, and standalone custom line of business applications for customers around the world. Power Apps dramatically lowers the cost, complexity, and time of software development through a range of powerful low-code development tools, a deep data platform in Microsoft Dataverse, and hundreds of connectors to common business data sources. 

Top Things To Know 

Power Apps is investing in several areas as part of Microsoft Power Platform 2022 release wave 1: 

Deliver modern business apps with unparalleled productivity for all users: Power Apps will add built-in collaboration for end users and integration with Microsoft 365 to allow teams to collaborate and act on business data, as well as key updates to modernize user experiences. 

Activate experts across the organization with advanced low code: Makers and developers of all skill levels will be more productive over Dataverse, multiply their productivity with fusion teams, and leverage intelligence to assist development. 

Power Apps is the safest way to digitally transform at whole-company scale: Secure and governable enterprise apps are critical to creating trust with your users and enterprise IT teams. 

Deliver flagship applications faster than ever: Organizations can now build and deliver flagship apps to the entire company through Power Apps with offline and standalone apps. 

What’s new and planned for Power Apps 2022 

Rapid delivery of flagship applications  

Organizations can now build and deliver flagship apps to the entire company. Key updates include:  

  • Accelerate line of business app dev professionals: Simplified development and management of offline apps.  
  • Deliver standalone mission critical apps to every device: Create standalone, native mobile apps with Power Apps. 
Deliver modern business apps with unparalleled productivity for all users

Users can take advantage of cohesive and modern experiences while collaborating with team members in Power Apps. Key updates include: 

  • Apps built using Power Apps are now multiplayer with built-in collaboration: Enable users to collaborate, chat, and start meetings directly within the app. 
  • Act on business data in context across Microsoft 365: See and act on Power Apps and Dynamics 365 data directly in Microsoft 365 by pasting a link. 
  • Keep users on task with cohesive experiences and delightful UX: Modern and cohesive control updates across Power Apps provides a delightful and productive experience. 
Enable experts across the organization with advanced low code 

Makers and developers of all skill levels can be more productive with Power Apps and Dataverse, enabling fusion teams and leveraging intelligence to simplify common tasks. Key updates include: 

  • It’s easier than ever to get started with Dataverse: With simplified table creation and data load, the addition of Power Fx, and new modern low-code designers to simplify building apps over Dataverse. 
  • Unleash fusion teams with collaborative development: Allow multiple makers to work on a single app at the same time, accelerating the time of development and supporting with Microsoft 365 style tools, such as commenting. 
  • Infuse intelligence for makers and end users alike: Support developers to resolve common tasks and errors with intelligence. 

For more information reach out to ALT Power Platform specialist. Check out our full slate of Microsoft Solutions!

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