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HPE Green Lake is the Cloud Service your Company Deserves

As companies start to transform and complete their digital transformation in a technology driven world, cloud services have become one thing that almost every organization has taken advantage of and for good reasons. Before cloud computing, organizations had to store everything on their hard drives and servers which in today’s world would be a recipe for disaster. With cloud services in every industry, it’s time to take the next step in your technology journey. HPE Green Lake is the cloud computing service your organization needs!

The Hybrid Cloud that Fits You

Traditional IT operating models struggle with the complexity of hybrid cloud environments. Without a complete approach to security and agreement, enterprises face significant risks from security breaches that can impact both their reputation and their bottom lines. Compliance requirements vary across cloud platforms and are constantly changing, creating challenges for IT departments to keep up with and supply all the necessary data for audits. A lack of visibility into costs across multiple cloud providers makes it difficult to optimize costs and assess the business value of IT spent by the provider, project, or other metrics. To help enterprises simplify IT operations, eliminate complexity, and have a consistent digital customer experience, HPE GreenLake offers management services for hybrid cloud environments. These services take the management burden from you, giving you the ability to access, consume, monitor, and control all your on and off premises cloud services and infrastructure from a single client platform, no matter the vendor. The as‑a‑service delivery model enables you to only pay for the public or private cloud services you consume. You can also:

  • Implement repeatable, standardized, and secure solutions across disparate operating models.
  • Scale cloud deployments, hardware, software, and expertise on demand as needed.
  • Ensure access to the right skills and experience for your specific set of cloud providers.
  • Reduce security risks with trusted processes, tools, and expertise to prevent, identify, and remediate threats across data centers, edge locations, and public clouds.
  • Free IT staff from the burden of operating IT and allow them to support strategic business initiatives.
  • Uncover new opportunities to optimize and innovate.

HPE GreenLake is What Your Business Has Been Missing

Transforming to a hybrid cloud is not a straight‑line journey. It is complex and comprehensive, requiring deep domain expertise across a wide variety of vendor technologies, operating models, applications, and business processes. This transformation demands rigorous standards, processes, and in‑the‑trenches experience that come from designing, implementing, and operating hybrid clouds for the world’s most demanding businesses. HPE GreenLake Management Services addresses these requirements through a unique blend of people, process, and platform. With more than 23,000 experts around the globe and across a broad range of technologies that span the edge, private clouds, and public clouds, HPE is exceptionally qualified to deliver an end‑to‑end hybrid cloud solution. Their award‑winning management services utilize an advanced suite of integrated tools, IP, processes, and best practices to manage and optimize your entire hybrid cloud environment, driving greater time to value and reducing costs and risk. To learn more about the hybrid cloud and how it changes your business for the better click the link down below or contact All Lines Technology for more information.

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